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Every business needs a restrictive system for access into their building.
No matter what your business access needs are, Rottweiler can exceed your expectations.
From simple single door solutions to multiple doors, Rottweiler can meet access needs.

Access to All - The Compromise of the Office Working Environment

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Locks and keys are not prohibitive, are not prejudice, they indiscriminately grant anyone passage and if the doors are left open, then at the right moment ...everything is compromised.

Locks, Keys and History: The issue of building security usually starts with a key. Why? Because locks and keys are not prohibitive enough for vulnerable business areas and provide no history of access into, or out of, an office or area. Keys often negate security and allow access to sensitive areas of the business without detection. Because keys often are left on desks unguarded or placed in desk drawers which are often are unlocked, they become lost, unaccounted for or even stolen. The careless usage of office keys, and subsequently casual security of the office environment, are just a few of the reasons for the need of access control card access. When keys pass from one employee to the next it exposes your business and office environment within reach of vulnerabilities, theft and subsequently, business losses. Controlled access identifies and logs access into or out of areas based upon employee credentials.

Access Control - Selective Restriction: Card Access Systems provide selective restriction with a record of accessed passage. Access to information that is critical for business survival, business operations, company records, or other sensitive areas within business operations is only granted to individuals that you have selectively allowed access to. Card Access is easily modified with a click of a mouse rather than re keying the locks within a business and provides you with detailed information of who and when an individual accessed a certain area.

Entire Systems Integrators: Rottweiler is a complete systems integrator that understands and can implement a access control solution for your business. Restrictive security can provide a security solution into and throughout your business to meet the needs of your access requirements. Rottweiler - providing the services you NEED.

Rottweiler; the way access control should have ALWAYS been.

Rottweiler; the way card access should have ALWAYS been.

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