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Rottweiler Security has matured into a security company that supports both business and residential customers for their security needs.  People who live in Metro Atlanta are living in a mobile society and often use VoIP services in their business or home. Today you need more than a fixed security system for your home or business and Rottweiler delivers!
Rottweiler Security was the first security company  in the industry to offer:

  1. 0 % leasing to Business Choice Rewards customers
  2. Offer a Double the Manufacturers Warranty under the BACR program
  3. 1st to offer a Life Time Warranty on wire with the use of a BACR program
  4. 1st to offer the last 6 months premiums towards the purchase of a new VoIP Business Class phone system with its Maintenance Agreement products.
  5. 1st to offer surveillance systems that communicate activities that occur on the property.

So, if you are a serious about your security and you are looking to seriously save money, Rottweiler Security is the premier choice in protective services.

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