Does Your Phone System Offer Callback?

Does Your Phone System Offer Callback?

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Craig Borowski with Hello Operator wrote a very interesting article about the callback feature available to businesses. We’ve all had some experience with a callback. It is when the auto-attendant says that “Your estimated wait time is X, would you rather us call you back?” According to the survey that Hello Operator conducted the majority of those surveyed prefer a callback over holding.

Customer Preferences for Callback vs. Waiting on Hold

More than a quarter of those surveyed would always prefer a callback, no matter what the hold time is estimated to be.

Time Customers Will Hold Before Preferring Callback

However, where callbacks have fallen short is in the window of time it takes to return the call. Of those surveyed, the majority felt that a call should be returned within 30 minutes. The surprising result is that almost 30% of those surveyed did not felt like it did not matter how quickly their call was returned.

Time Customers Expect to Wait for Return Call

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