Home Invader Caught on Video is Still at Large

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Fox 5 Atlanta reported early this morning that several Atlanta homes were burglarized by a man carrying a high powered rifle.

Victim Barbara Lyles-Anderson was home when the man broke into her home. He pointed the rifle at her and had her lay face down on the bed while he rummaged through her home. She managed to call 911, but the suspect got away before the police arrived.

The suspect was caught on video at the next house he burglarized. The video shows him kicking in the front door before searching the home with the rifle in hand and collecting valuables from around the home. He stole electronics, jewelry, and other personal items.

A third break-in was reported several miles away and it is suspected that it was the same armed burglar.

It is estimated the total value of the stolen items is between $30,000 to $40,000.

A week ago another victim reported being robbed by a man who matched the description of the home invader. According to 11 Alive, the man had been seen driving a white Dodge Charger and

In all of the incidents, the suspect was reported to be a black male about 6 feet in height and clean shaven. Each time, he was armed with an assault-style rifle, possibly an AK-47. Police believe he is working alone.

The suspect has not been caught and is considered to be armed and dangerous. The police have stated that any information that may lead to the identification and arrest of this man will be valuable.

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