Johns Creek Home Invaders Taken Into Custody

Johns Creek Home Invaders Taken Into Custody

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The owner of a home in the 5300 block of Chelsen Wood Drive experienced a home invasion on Tuesday afternoon shortly before 2:00pm.


Two armed men kicked in the door and held the two women who were in the home at gunpoint. The women were led around the home and the men demanded money, jewelry, and any weapons that were in the home.

The ordeal lasted more than 40 minutes and ended when the two men “pistol-whipped” the two women and fled the scene with the victim’s white Dodge Challenger and white 550 S Class Mercedes. The two men were seen by security guards several hours later at 3131 Campbellton Road. According to Johns Creek Patch staff member :

“Atlanta police caught up with the Mercedes, which was observed leaving the Campbellton Road location and going westbound on S.R. 166. The officers ran the license plate of the vehicle, which advised the Mercedes was stolen during the Johns Creek home invasion, Pickard said.”

The suspects were arrested about 7 miles from the Campbellton location at 2950 Springdale Road. Both of the stolen cars and all of the stolen possessions were found on the suspects at the time of their arrest. The two men are currently being investigated, but  Johns Creek police spokesperson Capt. Chris Byers stated,

“All they are guilty of now is being in a stolen car”

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