Testing Your Security System and False Alarms, by Duke Smith

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With the changing of the time next week comes an opportunity to again remind our readers that it is time to test smoke detectors and for those still using the battery operated ones, to replace the batteries in them.  If your security system has a service light lite on a keypad it is time to address the issue.  This season also presents another opportunity for you to go ahead and test your security system at the same time.

When you test a security system you are testing several things.  First the functionality of the system, the ability for the system to communicate to the central station, the effectiveness of the monitoring stations ability to communicate to you the alarm and the associated text messages.  Obviously if any of the above items fail, you need to contact Rottweiler Security for resolution to the security issue.

It’s also a great time to mention what you should do in the event you have triggered your system into what is often referred to as a “False Alarm”.  Here are a few tips;

  • Stay calm.  If you have “fat fingered” your code take a deep breath and try to remember your code.  Often the siren will start to sound and that usually causes a little panic in remembering your access code.  So take a deep breath and try to enter your code again.
  • If you are the one that has triggered the false alarm be prepared to give your password to monitoring when they contact you.
  • If you are not the person called, contact the authority who is the one called to let them know you have triggered the alarm and for them to expect a call.
  • Once you have triggered the alarm and received your responses, now is the time to make assessment and rate your system for the effectiveness of the alarm system.

There are some underlying questions you need to ask.  What is effective?  Did monitoring contact you and contact you quickly?  If either of those questions a no, then it is time to review what failed and take appropriate actions.  Our Rottweiler Web-Enabled Systems will text messages to all users in your community of notification partners.  Make sure that all users did receive the notification.

With the holidays coming up you will want to give advance notification for any security system that will need to be installed and any issues discovered addressed promptly.  We only have a few weeks before the holidays start and we want to make sure that everyone has a safe holiday whether you are home, away or have added guests in your home!

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