Hosted PBX Definition; Isolation From Working Service

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For those that know us well, know that we began our business implementing a new product called DSL.  In the early 1990’s it was the buzz and a hot new product.  Today it is more like a legacy product but for many is still hard to identify the issues of faulty operation.  What a nightmare of issues delivery brought us for a few years,  until what was then called Bellsouth, now at&t, started deploying the product throughout it’s domain.  Now we have a new product trying to make inroads called Hosted PBX that uses quite a few similarities.

A “new” concept that seems to be infecting our business community has appeared called “Hosted PBX” (often called virtual PBX), or is it new?  Let’s just take a look at the architecture of the product before we have any conclusions, shall we?

Hosted PBX creates “little islands” of businesses that share in a much larger system and its resources.  What that adds up to is that your business will share in both resources and technical support staff when you have issues.  Rather than a company investing in their own system they “rent space” on a monthly basis.  Payments do not end at the end of the contract term and you must buy the phones.  Business customers also will pay an account setup fee as well.  Sound like a deal yet?

We witnessed the concept in the 1980’s with MaBell, called Essex service.  Expensive service, few features and administrative overhead for service tickets or assistance.  Little has changed with the Hosted PBX concept.

Where are the savings that are often illustrated with Hosted PBX?  Well actually, there are none.  The idea that somehow you will will save money often is overlooked until you discover the actual costs involved within the contract.  Just as in the traditional systems model, business owners are responsible for their structured wiring in the business.  Business owners are also responsible to install and maintain the other electronic devices associated with the networks as well and here is the “Gotchas”.  Hosted PBX companies are often across the country and don’t (and won’t I might add) dispatch to service any of the above issues, which leaves you “isolated from working service”.

Often contractors do not follow the wiring standards associated with business communications standards and electrical contractors often do not provide the necessary testing results when wiring is initially installed.

The better choice is to purchase a quality business telecommucations system for the office.  A small investment now will provide you with its associated Return on Investment later on down the road.  Now if you are still interested in a Hosted PBX solution, and have your business in Atlanta, may I suggest ours?  Here is why.

  1. We first assess the network to insure that it can sustain the added data transmission necessary with VoIP Telephone Systems.
  2. What areas need to be resolved can be discussed at length.  Addressing areas of concern now make for a lasting relationship when your business stays in business. 
  3. If there is an issue with the Hosted PBX service, we can resolve it quickly.  You are still responsible for your site infrastructure and associated service fees, but your business is not island without service because we are local to Atlanta and have the resources to address any issue.
  4. Best part of all, the phones you buy for the service, can be implemented into your own system down the road when you grow.  Keeping your investment within your business makes good business sense.

Our commitment to “Working Service” guards our customers against both foreign companies that prey on unsuspecting customers within the Atlanta area.  If you contract with a hosted pbx company, make sure they will come to your site.  If you don’t, you may be in isolation from working service.

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