Oh The Pain Of Using Untrained Surveillance Camera Installers!

Oh The Pain Of Using Untrained Surveillance Camera Installers!

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Like all forms of technology, camera technology has jumped in recent years.  It was just over 11 years ago that I received my first digital camera.  Now 6 cameras later the image quality has improved dramatically.  18 mega-pixels of HD quality in a 30 inch picture, unbelievable.  But guess what, all pixels are not created equal.  Camera types use different pixel sizes, I’d bet you did not know that and I also bet that you did not know there is not a “standard” for pixel sizes either!

Camera knowledge in the business surveillance market it is no different with untrained camera installers.  To help their financial crisis, computer integrators, telephone installation companies and even building maintenance crews install everything from Costco sold products or home grown versions of miss matched camera products from a decade ago.  Often we get the calls asking for repair or modification to a solution that is just plain impossible to repair.  Yes, you are right, if the customer would have invested 10% more they could have recieved a better foundation to work with in a camera solution and might not have to replace it.

Many installers, and customers as well, have the misconception that the better what you see on the monitor, the better quality of useable video data law enforcement can use.  NOT TRUE! There is a substantial difference between video data and image information.  What your naked eye sees, is not the same as what is usable in surveillance.  Recognition of quality images consist of several factors.

  • The bigger the chip set, the better the quality of the image.
  • Lens speed
  • Frames per Second i.e.. Frame Rate
  • Focal length
  • Lighting and depth of field
  • Shifting conditions

Those are a few of the considerations necessary for a quality camera surveillance system. There are some other factors to consider as well.  IP Camera, Mega-pixel camera or analog camera?  Each has its purpose, but the reality is that IP Cameras for the most part are on the way out for most manufacturers and Mega-Pixel cameras use allot of storage space for imagery.   If you want a surveillance system that has teeth, contact Rottweiler today for a site visit.

We have not even touched on the newer analytics or communication factors that are now available.  So if you want a surveillance system that does more than just record, Rottweiler has the products that can alert you of activity on your property as it happens.  Proactive surveillance camera systems can be very affordable if you installed the right camera to begin with.  Know when trespassing, loitering, or property probing occurs rather than after an event happens to determine what happened.

Just like our Web-Enabled Security Systems, Rottweiler believes that a proactive approach to security is better to reactive.  Knowing that something as or is about to occur is better than the time it takes to investigate what happen that distracts you from your every day business operations.  For the same price you could have a Rottweiler trained camera installer and subsequently a better camera solution rather than contracting untrained installers, which in  the end can be VERY costly.

Save your money, call Rottweiler today!  770-529-5678

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